V2 start-node listens on port 8080?

This is great feedback, thanks :smiling_face:

Being able to mix and match sql and xtql queries is awesome. I sometimes find simple queries to be easier/shorter to just use sql; I think that’ll be a huge plus for Biff users too (start with SQL, gradually experiment with XTQL).

Openly, this is something we’re currently experimenting with taking a lot further - having the two worlds is quite confusing, especially for people who haven’t used XT previously or have any experience with the Clojure world. If we can get the same benefits (i.e. data-orientation, composability, debugging, unify etc) but bring the two worlds closer together, I think this’d be a big win.

For malli schema enforcement stuff, I think I can just validate the input args to :put-docs and :update (as in upsert above) without bothering too much about what the exact state of the documents in the DB currently is.

Yep, that’s the route we tend to go too - catch as many errors as we can at that stage, on the assumption every mutation to the DB goes through that route, and then the ones we can’t (i.e. serializability) go in the DB itself, either via DML (if it can do it - hopefully a lot more can now, especially with :assert-exists) or tx-fns, as you say.

  • xt/listen + xt/open-tx-log

noted, will add Biff as a :heavy_plus_sign: on these :slight_smile:

  • Postgres transaction log

I’m not so sure this one will happen - if anything it’s looking like we may bring the tx-log in-node instead (but no promises there). In any event, we’re certainly aware of and agree with the desire for a non-Kafka tx-log.

  • DigitalOcean S3 for storage – in general it is/is supposed to be AWS-S3-compatible, but I see the S3 docs mention setting up other AWS-specific stuff (SNS). Would DigitalOcean S3 for storage even be workable? If not, maybe postgres for both storage and tx log would be an option for deploying on digitalocean?

Yeah - the need for SNS here is to get notifications of new files - essentially so that we don’t have to list-files more than we need to to find out what’s new. I don’t know if DO supports that - tbh, we’ve been focusing more on the Big Three, but we can probably figure out an equivalent on DO.

custom indexers

This’ll hopefully be something we can do better when we have an in-house tx-log :slight_smile:

Thanks as always @jacobobryant :pray:


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