Backup/Restore index, txlog, and document store

Where can I find documentation on backing up and restoring each of the decoupled components of an xtdb store?

I’m currently using rocksdb for the index, txlog, and document store. I understand I can back up rocksdb by itself, but I’m more interested in how to safely back it up without bringing the service down.

Hey @tempire Online backups of a RocksDB tx-log or document-store aren’t supported currently, i.e. bringing the service down is necessary to create a stable backup.

In principle it is possible though - this is exactly how the checkpointing system works (but it’s really only intended for use with the index-store). Are you able to use a JDBC or Kafka storage option for the tx-log/doc-store instead? That way you can rely on the backup mechanisms those systems provide.