JUXT Cast with Viktor Leis (on post-SQL query languages and more)

Not directly XTDB related, but I spoke with Prof. Viktor Leis last week about his recent CIDR paper: “A Critique of Modern SQL And A Proposal Towards A Simple and Expressive Query Language” which was co-authored with Thomas Neumann …big names in the world of database research!

It was a fun discussion that provides context as to why XTDB has been so fixated on Datalog (and now XTQL, in v2), and it’s a relatively soft introduction to some fairly deep (database) problems in modern computing! Read more: JUXT Cast: Sane Query Languages — with Prof. Viktor Leis

Or watch/listen here:

Want to see more of this kind of thing? All feedback welcome :pray:

I’m tempted to get him back in a converation soon to discuss his other recent paper on building databases with unikernels :smile: