[VIDEO] Virtual Meetup #1 recording - Modelling and Tradeoffs discussion

Hello! Thanks for all the interest from the folks who joined (or otherwise wanted to join) this first session. I had fun :slight_smile:

For anyone who wanted to join but couldn’t…enjoy!

I’ll run the meetup again next week at the same time, but otherwise might shift things around in future to accommodate a few more US time zones.


Hey Jeremy, thanks for the recording!

We also could not join because of the time (7 AM locally), having it at 15 PM (8 AM) or 16 PM (9 AM) GMT would make it more accessible here.


I wanted to echo what Andrea said: thank you for making the recording(s) available! I’d originally looked at the proposed times and thought “Er, 6 AM for California? Nope!” so I’m glad to hear some future meetups might be late enough that I could drag my carcass out of bed in time to take part (my normal weekday alarm is 8:45 AM but I am sometimes conscious by 8 AM :slight_smile: ).