When should a relational DB be picked over XTDB?

Tricky question perhaps… but straightforward.

What would be XTDB’s team recommendation, for someone to determine if XTDB is going to bottleneck operations in comparison to a relational DB like Postgresql.

Yes I know that Postgregsql can be used through a JDBC so really, this is like comparing “Postgresql with single table schema vs Postgresql with typical relational multi-table schema”.

This is the one question that makes me uneasy about picking XTDB for any/every project, fearing that the shape of the data might be better served by a relational DB (or not), and not knowing the answer.

XTDB’s current sweet spot is where you have strong bitemporal requirements and you want to avoid working with SQL. But otherwise Postgres is still a pretty awesome piece of tech and is a safe default choice for most teams…for now :slight_smile: Our upcoming work on v2 includes first-class SQL and will make a bigger case for XT (particularly in regards analytical performance and long-term retention vs. Postgres) - we hope that will set us apart more clearly.

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