[Zulip x-post] python HTTP client

Posted over on Zulip earlier today:

svilen dobrev

Here a python library wrapping xtdb and datomic, and represent their datalog queries in more pythonic way, and maybe more in future.

GitHub - eCollect/py-xtdb-datomic

Working layers are the http-client wrappers and the query-builders (also some scheming for datomic). There are also some docker-composer setups for using xtdb multi-node with kafka/postgress and variations thereof.

It is still unfinished and in rather chaotic state, kind-a version 0.0.0 :slight_smile:

currenty it is stuck at ORM/ODM layer, unit-of-work and similar (To schema or Not to schema… ).
As i see the xtdb v2.x new syntaxes also may need attention.
The development is paused for a while now… but will eventualy continue.

Hope it helps somebody

Who else has been using XTDB from Python lately? I’m aware of the team buidling nl-kat-coordination/octopoes at main · minvws/nl-kat-coordination · GitHub

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