Estimated v2 timeline?

Is there an ETA for v2 release?

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Hey @tempire our current pre-GA (General Availability) priority is collaborating with key users through the Design Partner programme to ensure that v2 will satisfy (and ideally surpass!) all acceptance criteria for production deployment from their perspectives. This process includes all functional and non-functional aspects, and it will mean that the first 2.0 GA release is sufficiently mature and ready for exposure to a much wider audience.

Whilst we don’t have a concrete timeline for GA to share here today, we are very happy to hear from prospective future design partners to help make sure that GA happens sooner rather than later :slightly_smiling_face:

I can at least say with some certainty that we will have the first beta1 release out well before the end of Q3 (i.e. ahead of conference season). And feedback is welcome at any time :pray: