Migration from 1.x to 2.x

hi team, I have a service running on XTDB 1.0 for a few years and now I’d like to explore the possibility of upgrading to 2.0. I notice from the website:

For teams that would like to migrate from v1 to v2, we will be publishing migration tools and documentation on migration strategies soon - but please also get in touch if you’d like our help doing so.

May I know a rough timeline of the migration tool and doc so that I could plan my project accordingly?


Hi @blshao84 good to hear from you - I’ll drop you an email as we should probably re-connect soon anyway, but the short summary is that we plan to have some example scripts ready alongside the first GA release (and potentially sooner if there’s demand).

The initial focus of those scripts will be the offline migration of data - handling of non-native types, table mapping functions, preserving timestamps etc.