V2 Docker image update?

I see the SELECT * .. ORDER BY .. StackOverflow bug got fixed but it looks like CI has been failing recently so updated Docker images are not being created?

Is there an ETA on when this will get addressed so we can test against updated XTDB images?


Index of /repositories/snapshots/com/xtdb (sonatype.org) indicates the last XDTB updates happened on December 15th?

I see an update of the Docker image to SHA 969497e this evening, which includes the SELECT * FROM .. ORDER BY .. fix – thank you!

My usermanager example app has been updated (to remove the sort-by workaround in a couple of functions).

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Very glad to hear it, thanks for confirming the fix!

Thanks @seancorfield :pray:

Yep, we don’t auto-release the ‘latest’ Docker tag on every build yet, while we don’t have another stable release out - it’s an explicit action on our part (as is releasing the snapshot to Maven). Once we have a stable release out for people to depend on I’ll be much happier with an automatic nightly :slight_smile: