V2 Getting Started > Installation does not work

From docs.xtdb.com/reference/main/installation

(~)-(!2005)-> docker pull ghcr.io/xtdb/xtdb-ea
Using default tag: latest
Error response from daemon: Head "https://ghcr.io/v2/xtdb/xtdb-ea/manifests/latest": denied

(ghcr.io/xtdb/xtdb-aws-ea can be pulled but that’s not the right image to use for client/server testing locally)

Hey Sean, thanks for flagging - this image is now xtdb-standalone-ea. Will get the docs updated.



I can confirm that works, thank you!

> docker run -tip 3000:3000 ghcr.io/xtdb/xtdb-standalone-ea
Starting XTDB 2.x (pre-alpha) @ "dev-SNAPSHOT" @ 53e5dd0 ...
20:14:08 | INFO  xtdb.server | HTTP server started on port:  3000
20:14:08 | INFO  xtdb.cli | Node started


> curl

and I can see that is the latest commit from the 2.x branch that had a successful build!

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