XT Fiddle (try v2 online) - feedback

A few things that have been cooked up recently:

  1. https://fiddle.xtdb.com/ - currently supports SQL and XTQL (edn/Clojure syntax)
  2. psql -h pg-fiddle.xtdb.com (which creates a fresh db each time you connect!)
  3. A new quickstart tutorial using xtsql, a python-based terminal console: Quickstart | XTDB

…so I’m opening this topic to capture ongoing feedback and ideas :slight_smile:

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Thanks for XT Fiddle, it’s great fun!

I want to try out the history API in v2 in XT Fiddle, but I’m not sure how to communicate the intent in XTQL.

Suppose one transacts the pre-populated content:

[:put-docs :docs {:xt/id 1 :foo "bar"}]

And then:

[:put-docs :docs {:xt/id 1 :foo "baz"}]

How can the history of the document with :xt/id of 1 be queried?

The From documentation’s “Temporal filters” subsection mentions :all-time. How might this be used correctly?

This returns only the most recent version:

(from :docs {:bind           [xt/id foo]
             :for-valid-time :all-time})


The UI probably needs some extra hints to guide users on this, but essentially you need to split those put-docs entries across separate transactions (otherwise the first version gets ~dropped, see also): XT Fiddle

Alternatively, you could also specify distinct valid-times for the entries, e.g.:
XT Fiddle

The ‘+’ button appeared to be disabled (it renders kinda greyed out). I had executed the two transactions one after the after, but editing and running each time.

Using the ‘+’ and adding the second transaction that way worked.

Thanks Jeremy!

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it renders kinda greyed out

Thanks for the feedback, hopefully the new styling is clearer :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s collect some interesting fiddle URLs in this thread, here’s one for starters: