XT2 Dev Diary - online playgrounds, nested data queries and more

Hey folks - today we’ve released a new XT2 snapshot and a dev diary :rocket:

tl;dr, highlights:

  • nest-one/nest-many - generalised ‘pull’ syntax, except you’ve got the full power of sub-queries available
  • unqualified column references - no longer any need to fully-qualify everything (e.g. SELECT bar FROM foo rather than SELECT foo.bar FROM foo)
  • EXCLUDE/RENAME from Snowflake
  • for everything else, see the aforementioned dev diary

You can have a play with all of the above on XTDB Play - as always, let us know what you think!

We’re also on the lookout for XTDB Design Partners - people to help us shape the future of XT2. As a bonus for being a design partner, we’ll additionally invest JUXT development time and prioritise our XTDB roadmap to help meet your requirements.If you (or someone you know) have an upcoming project for which this might be a good fit, fill in this small form and we’ll get in touch :slight_smile:

edit: like London buses, some more XT news! Similarly to https://play.xtdb.com, we now have a zero-install Postgres server available for you to try:

Connect to pg.xtdb.com:5432 using your usual Postgres tooling (e.g. psql -h pg.xtdb.com ) and you’ll get a temporary in-memory XTDB node to test XT SQL queries against (it’s only on a very small AWS box atm, please don’t hammer it :grin:)